SLAP Tear Treatment in Chillicothe, OH

What is a SLAP Tear?

A SLAP tear is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder. The labrum is a ring of cartilage that surrounds the shoulder socket and stabilizes the head of the upper arm bone.

SLAP is an acronym for superior labrum anterior and posterior. In a SLAP injury, the top or superior part of the labrum is injured. The top of the labrum is where the long head of the biceps tendon is attached. A SLAP tear can occur in the front (anterior) and back (posterior) of this attachment point. The biceps may be injured as well.

Slap Tear Treatment for Columbus & Grove City, OH

Types of SLAP Tears

There are several types of SLAP tears:

  • Type I SLAP Tear – The top rim of the labrum is frayed, but it is still attached to the glenoid. This type of tear is degenerative, and is commonly found in middle-aged or older patients. This type of tear can usually be treated without surgery.
  • Type II SLAP Tear – The labrum and biceps are detached from the top of the glenoid. This is most common type of SLAP tear. Type II tears can be anterior (at the front), posterior (at the back), or a combination of the two. This type of tear is generally treated through arthroscopic surgical repair.
  • Type III SLAP Tear – Sometimes called a “bucket-handle” tear, this type of SLAP tear is characterized by the torn labrum hanging onto the joint. Treatment will usually involve removal of the bucket-handle segment and the repair of any unstable labrum through arthroscopic surgery.
  • Type IV SLAP Tear – This is a bucket-handle tear to the top of the labrum that extends into the biceps tendon. Treatment varies based upon how much of the biceps tendon is torn.

SLAP Tear Causes and Risk Factors

SLAP tears are caused through chronic injury, acute injury, or through degeneration.Athlete with possible SLAP Tear

  • Chronic injury – The labrum can wear down through repeated actions over time. Athletes who participate in repetitive overhead sports such as baseball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and weightlifting may develop a SLAP tear over time.
  • Acute injury – A SLAP tear can be caused by acute trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, falling onto the shoulder, or forceful pulling on the arm.
  • Degeneration – A SLAP tear can develop over time, through the general aging process.

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SLAP Tear Symptoms

Most individuals with SLAP tears experience pain in the shoulder joint. This may be accompanied by catching or a popping sensation.

The most common symptoms of a SLAP tear include:

  • Deep, aching pain
  • Popping, clicking, catching, grinding or locking in the shoulder
  • Shoulder instability or weakness
  • Pain when moving the arm or shoulder
  • Pain when holding the shoulder in specific positions
  • Discomfort when lifting objects
  • Decreased shoulder strength
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Decline in athletic performance

SLAP Tear Treatment Options

In some cases, a SLAP tear can be treated nonsurgically, with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy. More severe cases may require surgery.

If nonsurgical treatment does not improve your symptoms or if you’ve sustained a more severe injury, shoulder arthroscopy surgery may be recommended. Dr. Cohen will evaluate the best treatment option based upon the type of tear you have, your age, your activity level and the presence of any other injuries.


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