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Jessica Colson
Right Shoulder Revision

It’s always important to listen to your body. When you don’t listen, conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and additional injuries can occur. Jessica knew something was not right with her shoulder, so she sought out answers.

When speaking about her very first appointment with Dr. Brian Cohen, Orthopedic Surgeon, she said, “I was afraid he was just going to tell me nothing was wrong like the last doctor did. I was afraid I was going to have to live with this pain the rest of my life, but that’s not how it went.”

Jessica Colson of Wellston, Ohio learned that day, that she was going to be able to do all the things she loved, pain-free, once again. “He validated that there was actually something wrong and that it could be fixed.”

After asking her to rate the care she received by Cohen Orthopedic she explained, “there’s always room for improvement, but I’m still giving him a 10!” She went on to say how thankful she was for his ability to explain things, so she understood, and for his calming and confident approach.

For months, Jessica went unable to do anything that required strength of her dominant hand. She was not able to attend her favorite sports team’s games, go flea market shopping, go to yard sales, or even do simple things like curl her hair. Now, she curls her hair, puts her hair up and the way she explained it was, “it’s the best feeling.”

“I would lay my life in Dr. Cohen’s hands. That’s how confident I feel in him,” said Jessica.

She mentioned Dr. Cohen came in to her recovery room several times to ensure she had everything she needed and to see how she felt. “I really felt like he cared and was going through the process with me.”

At Cohen Orthopedic, we are proud to admit we’re in this together and delivering the care you deserve.

Jerry Allen

“You don’t walk or look like you had knee surgery,” is something Jerry Allen hears a lot. After four years of scrutinizing knee pain, Allen decided it was time to seek care and with the experience his family has had with Dr. Brian Cohen, Orthopedic Surgeon, the question, where never crossed his mind.

Jerry Allen is a Greenfield native who enjoys spending time with family. He has worked in Circleville for nearly 15 years, and he’s been married for 31 years. One thing is for sure when Jerry sees something good, he sticks to it.

  • Allen’s mom had a successful broken kneecap repair by Dr. Brian Cohen
  • Allen’s younger brother had a successful meniscus repair by Dr. Brian Cohen
  • Allen had his first successful knee replacement with Dr. Brian Cohen

“He made me feel like a doctor should make a patient feel,” Allen said. Allen enjoys going for walks with his dog and going shopping with his wife, neither of which he could do with the knee pain. Now, after two knee replacements Allen is not having to wait on the bench while his wife shops and he walks his dog up and down his hill. “I’ve got my life back. I’m not wrapping my knees and taking Tylenol every day like I was,” added Allen.

From his first appointment, all the way up until his last, Dr. Cohen was very informative, thorough, and personal. “All qualities of a surgeon that I wanted. Everything he said he would do he followed through with.” Allen said.

Dr. Brian Cohen is not only an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, he’s a friend to many. Once you leave the procedure room, you’re still a friend.

Jerry Allen is the prime example of that. After Allen experienced a blood clot after his second knee replacement, Dr. Cohen graciously provided his family with his phone number. Dr. Cohen was able to offer advice extended from the hospital walls.



  1. usually those who offer you support, improve your quality of life, promote self-confidence, provide honesty and unconditional love, and help you progress mentally

Jerry Allen looks forward to getting back to jogging and has set out to accomplish another 5k since his knee pain. Dr. Cohen stated, “when you run that 5k, you call me because I am going to be at the finish line.”

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Lawrence Tackett

Construction was among our top 5 jobs associated with joint pain. Typically, the same motions day after day will wear down cartilage and cause joint pain. While some careers require the same motions, others may not. Many years in construction, among other factors led Lawrence Tackett to a double knee replacement in August 2023.

Lawrence found it rather inconvenient that he loves being outdoors, going for walks and working in his yard. However, this summer will be the year for fresh lines in his lawn, long walks and getting a nice suntan because nothing is stopping him!

“Prior to surgery I had trouble just walking. Now I can do pretty much anything I want,” Lawrence stated. Lawrence opted to get both knees replaced at the same time, so he only had one procedure and one recovery process. This decision is one that Dr. Cohen supports and is fully confident in completing. Lawrence is 80 years old, the youngest of 10, and married with beautiful kids and grandkids. “I’m really looking forward to vacationing and being a part of the activities that I once couldn’t be.”

When deciding he couldn’t withstand the pain any longer, Lawrence and his wife did their research. “I wanted to get the best person that I could,” Lawrence expressed. He came across Dr. Brian Cohen, Orthopedic Surgeon and quickly realized his reviews were unmatched.

“My first appointment went better than expected. He was a real people person, and he cared about me and how I was doing. Dr. Cohen and his staff treated my wife and I with respect,” said Lawrence. His experience was nothing short of 10/10. While Lawrence explained himself as independent, he could rely on Dr. Cohen and his staff to inform and comfort him and his wife.”

If you’re in pain and looking to get back to those activities, like Lawrence, schedule an appointment today!

Teresa Page

Starting the new year off on the right foot is something most of us aspire to do. Teresa Page gave a real, literal meaning to that this year, after getting a hip replacement. Mrs. Page has not walked since 2018 and since then, she’s had 9 grandchildren. “They are amazed,” she said as she explained her grandchildren’s reaction to her ability to walk now. She also mentioned she has quite the to-do list now that she is “getting her life back.”

    Teresa is 66 years old and loves spending time with her family. Her hip pain prevented her from being able to really spend the quality of time she hoped to with them. She likes to collect gemstones in her spare time, but her hobbies are expanding. Teresa said, “Everything is a new experience for me now, the way this has changed my life.”

Prior to her hip replacement in October 2023 by Dr. Brian Cohen, Orthopedic Surgeon, “If I moved the wrong way it made me fall to my face on the floor. I couldn’t move sometimes it hurt so bad.” Teresa got in the habit of sitting, making jewelry, and reading to pass time. “For the first time in 43 years I can get along and maybe do something exciting!”

Her experience with Dr. Cohen was one she is forever appreciative of. “I appreciate him and this new hip more than anything in this world.” Teresa expressed how comfortable and informed she was by the staff. She never had a question left unanswered. Her experience, she explained, “went marvelous. If someone is like me and when I was in excruciating pain, get Dr. Cohen’s advice and if advised, get the replacement. It’s not as bad as you think and it’s well worth it.”

Teresa is looking forward to consolidating her two homes, decluttering and taking walks with her grandchildren this year! If you find yourself like Teresa, contact us!

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