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Your hip is where your thigh bone meets your pelvis. It is a ball-and-socket joint. The ball is located at the upper part of the thigh bone and the socket is part of the pelvis. The socket is called the acetabulum.

The hip joint is the largest weight-bearing joint in the human body. It is extremely flexible and allows for a wide range of motion. It also plays a major role in your mobility. The importance of your hip means that any hip injury will have an impact on your lifestyle and well-being.

Hip Pain Treatment for Columbus & Grove City, OH

Common Hip Injuries/ Conditions & Treatment Options

Here are some of the most common hip injuries:

Hip Fracture

A hip fracture is a break in the upper portion of the thigh bone. It can come in many forms. It may be complete or incomplete, simple or comminuted (producing multiple bone splinters), and closed or open. Older adults are especially vulnerable to hip fractures due to weakened bones. This type of fracture typically requires surgical treatment.

Acetabular Fracture

An acetabular fracture is a break of the acetabulum. It occurs when the top of the thigh bone is forced against the acetabulum. Acetabular fractures vary in pattern and severity. The position, angle and orientation of your acetabular fracture will help determine your course of treatment. Acetabular fractures can be serious injuries sometimes require surgery.

Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis occurs when the tiny, fluid-filled sacs around your hip area become irritated and inflamed. The most common hip bursitis is lateral hip trochanteric bursitis, wherein the lateral trochanteric bursal sac becomes inflamed. While painful, most hip bursitis can be treated without surgery.

Hip Dislocation

Hip dislocation occurs when the ball is forced out of the socket. This type of injury requires major force. It can result from a serious car accident or significant fall. In some instances, the orthopedist may be able to move the bones back into their proper position with a reduction manipulation procedure.

Avascular Necrosis

Avascular necrosis (also called osteonecrosis) occurs when bone tissue dies due to a lack of blood supply. In the hip this occurs when the blood supply to the thigh bone is damaged. This condition can ultimately lead to the collapse of the hip joint. Your prognosis and care will depend on the disease’s progress and how quickly you were able to receive treatment.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Femoroacetabular impingement occurs when the bones that form the hip joint do not fit together correctly. The bones then rub together which can cause joint damage, pain, and limited range of motion. Treatment can include both surgical and nonsurgical options, depending on the patient and the severity of the symptoms

Hip Strain

Hip strain occurs when hip muscles or tendons are overstretched or torn. The severity of the hip strain will determine your treatment. In some instances, rest, ice, compression and elevation will help. In more serious cases, physical therapy may be required.

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Hip Pain Common Causes

Hip pain can have many causes. If you are suffering from hip pain you may have experienced an accident or illness that is causing your condition. Below are common causes of hip pain:

Hip Injury while Running

  • Sports injury
  • Trauma
  • Car accidents
  • Repetitive use
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Childhood hip disease or illness

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