Dr. Brian Cohen, Local Orthopedic Surgeon, Hits 22 Years of Commitment in Chillicothe, and Surrounding Areas

We all can find a song that speaks about how we are feeling, but can you name a song that has helped assist with choosing something that would change your life forever? Dr. Brian Cohen can. A little over 22 years ago, Dr. Cohen chose to become an orthopedic surgeon.

When Dr. Cohen was younger, he knew he wanted to be a surgeon. Always tinkering with cars growing up, he was able to correlate all the moving parts into a health career. Treating people with hands on technology versus medicine intrigued him more. “Choosing orthopedics over general surgery was the harder decision,” stated Dr. Cohen.

“One week, I was walking into our class rotations, and I happened to walk by the orthopedics’ room. There, a colleague was dancing to the song Whoomp There It Is and at that point, I knew I wanted to be in that room.”

Completing his medical school and residency in New York, then moving to Chicago to do a fellowship in Sports Medicine led him to Chillicothe, Ohio. “At the time I started looking for jobs, Chillicothe was in high demand for an orthopedic surgeon,” said Dr. Cohen. In 2004, an opportunity raised for Dr. Cohen to head back home to his family. At this point his perspective had changed a lot. He was no longer a “service” provider, but he was an Orthopedic Doctor to many.”

“Back in 2004 we had only paper charts, and I realized when I looked at the rows and rows and rows of “bookcases” filled with patient’s charts, and each chart represented an individual, I realized that if I left, they all would have no orthopedic doctor. I felt a responsibility to those “charts” (people) and I realized I was never leaving,” said Dr. Cohen. Although, a lot has changed since 2004, this commitment still stands.

Over the years in Chillicothe, Dr. Cohen has a lengthy list of community projects that he has either started himself or assisted with to contribute to the community. To list a few:

  • Huntington High School Gymnasium
  • PACCAR Medical Education Center
  • Davinci Robot Program
  • Chillicothe Keys Program
  • Cohen Orthopedic Racing
  • Paint Valley Cheerleading
  • Zane Trace Cheerleading
  • Logan Elm Youth Soccer league
  • Child Protection Center of Ross County

While he says, “I don’t try to take credit for it, it’s just what I do,” there are a lot of people that do give him credit and are very thankful for him. “With Dr. Cohen’s help, we are now able to use more funds for educational experiences for the students. We are grateful for his sponsorship,” said Debbie Bettendorf, Chillicothe City School’s Advocate.

This contribution list, his patients and staff members are all evident of the man that Dr. Brian Cohen is, the care he provides and how he has impacted Chillicothe and the surrounding areas, solely.

Long time staff member, Dayna Scurlock said, “I would trust him with my family. If I’m recommending him to a potential patient, I can honestly recommend and know that I’m giving them the absolute best option.” Double knee replacement patient, Bruce Eades stated, “I do my research and Dr. Cohen’s track record speaks for itself.”

Dr. Cohen is also an advocate of our military, veterans, and active soldiers. Remembering those we lost on 9/11 is not something he thinks about once a year. Having been born and raised in New York, this tragic event hits close to his heart.

This month marks 22 years serving the Chillicothe and surrounding areas. Choosing a provider that is right for you is important. Choose a provider with trusted experience. Take Mr. Eades’ recommendation and do your research, visit cohenorthoopedic.com/press/ to learn about other patient experiences. To establish an appointment, visit cohenorthopedic.com or call 614-788-0375.


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