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Why Advanced Technology Is Critical in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeon Columbus, OH

Dr. Brian Cohen is a passionate and experienced orthopedic surgeon who understands that orthopedics is driven by innovative technology. He has performed more than 30,000 procedures — each one made better by technology. Advanced technology is crucial to every facet of orthopedic surgery, from planning to surgery to recovery. Here, Dr. Cohen explains why it is critical to use advanced technology in orthopedic surgery.


Advanced technology has revolutionized the surgical planning process. Surgeons can now use technology to produce a 3-dimensional virtual rendering of joints to plan the entire surgical procedure. Additionally, advanced technology ensures that patients and the entire surgical team are constantly engaged and monitored through the entire surgical process, from intake through recovery. 

Patient Safety

Patient safety is the top priority for any orthopedic surgeon. Nearly every aspect of patient safety has been and continues to be improved with technology. The past few years have made viruses and bacteria a key focus when it comes to patient safety, especially during surgery. Now surgeons can offer advanced cleaning systems to reduce the risk of surgical infection and illness.


Robotic-assisted surgery is another way that technology has improved accuracy in orthopedic surgery. From planning to surgery, surgeons are able to use this technology to improve accuracy. Accuracy in the operating room contributes to better overall results.


Advanced technology continues to offer better orthopedic surgery results. This includes overall healing, the recovery process, patient satisfaction and the need for revision surgery.

Additionally, advances in technology now allow surgeons to monitor patients throughout their recovery process. Surgeons can use technology to communicate with patients and monitor their post-surgical physical therapy.

What Advanced Technology Does Dr. Cohen Utilize?

Dr. Cohen believes that it is critical to use advanced technology in orthopedic surgery. As such, he utilizes the following advanced technology:

  • Arthrex: technology that is “Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™”
  • MAKO: robotic-arm assisted surgery
  • ParaGen Technologies: synthetic tissue scaffolding that promotes healing
  • Rotium: a synthetic material often used for rotator cuff repairs
  • The Clean Cube Medical System” operating room technology focused on patient safety and infection control
  • Ospitek: a virtual concierge for patients
  • Plethy: a care platform for patients
  • Haystack: technology for operating room safety
  • Synexis: a biodefense system
  • IncludeHealth: body tracking technology for musculoskeletal care
  • Prescribe FIT: a virtual coaching system

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Dr. Cohen is proud to offer his patients the latest in innovative orthopedic technology. If you would like to find out how these technologies can benefit your orthopedic surgical needs, contact Dr. Cohen. You can schedule your appointment at Cohen Orthopedic in Columbus, Ohio by calling or emailing his office.

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