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Top 5 Jobs Associated with Joint Pain

Are you experiencing joint pain that may be related to your job? Joint pain and arthritis can be due to inflammation or wore down cartilage. Some early warning signs of arthritis include pain, swelling, stiffness, redness, and decreased range of motion. Typically, the same motions day after day will wear down cartilage and cause joint pain. While some careers require the same motions, others may not. Is your job amongst Dr. Brian Cohen’s top 5 jobs associated with joint pain?

Starting with the least related, number 5 is healthcare work. This type of work sometimes calls for long hours, extra stress, and moving patients in awkward positions. Most healthcare jobs require a lot of time on your feet. Being on your feet a lot can lead to chronic pain in your knees, hips, and back. As we age, the cartilage near our joints start to wear down, but the repetition of being on our feet can help progress it.

Coming in at number 4 are teachers. Obviously, teachers are on their feet often. For the same reason healthcare work is on the list, elementary teachers are even more at risk for chronic joint pain. Bending over to tie shoes, pick things up, and helping younger children are all the types of repetition that increase chronic joint pain.

Number 3 are strenuous labor jobs or anyone doing heavy lifting such as construction workers. If lifting correctly it can be a great way to enhance muscle tone and improve fitness. However, over time the strain and lifting without the right assistance can cause arthritis and sever joint pain.

Number 2 is a close second of truckers. Truck drivers tend to have more responsibility than just driving. Many have to load and unload freight, which is added stress to the joints, add to that getting in and out of their rigs and you have a recipe for cartilage breakdown.

Lastly, number 1 is farmers. The strenuous, consistent motions can lead to chronic joint pain for similar reasons as the top 4.

If you are amongst this list and are suffering from joint pain or arthritis call 615-788-0375 to schedule an appointment. We will start with the least invasive treatment and work our way up until you are back to living a pain-free life! Visit for more information.

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