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Summer Sports and Activities Can Lead to These Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic Injury Specialist Columbus, OH

The heat is on, and many people throughout Ohio enjoy the summer sun by swimming, playing tennis and cycling along our bicycle paths. Dr. Brian Cohen is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who sees an uptick in specific injuries this time of year. He has over 20 years under his belt and takes pride in offering safe, effective procedures using the latest technology to reach the best outcomes. 

Our team at Cohen Orthopedic hopes you enjoy this season of outdoor sports and activities. If you or a loved one experiences an orthopedic injury that doesn’t improve with at-home methods, contact Dr. Cohen and schedule an appointment to see him at one of his Chillicothe or Columbus office locations.

Orthopedic Injuries Caused by Swimming 

Swimming is typically considered a low-impact activity, and summer is the perfect time for children and adult swim leagues. However, the repetitive motions involved with the four main strokes can lead to injuries in the shoulders, knees, back and hips. These repetitive injuries may include the inner knees and hips, which are used for breaststroke, and back injuries caused by dolphin kicks for butterfly. A common injury called “swimmer’s shoulder” causes rotator cuff impingement from the repeated motion of lifting the arm for freestyle and backstroke. 

Orthopedic Injuries Caused by Tennis 

Tennis is a worldwide sport and activity that many generations enjoy this time of year. We’ve all heard of “tennis elbow,” a common orthopedic injury from the sport, but the shoulders and wrists can also experience damage from overuse, poor form or a traumatic injury. Tennis elbow typically occurs when the wrist muscles are extended back and forth and overused. Shoulder injuries may happen from intense conditioning using improper techniques and strength training of the rotator cuff muscle

Orthopedic Injuries Caused by Cycling 

Cycling is popular year-round, but more cyclists are found on our roads in the warmer months. Columbus earned a bronze status for being a “Bicycle Friendly Community” from the League of American Bicyclists. The leisurely and competitive sport is common throughout Ohio. However, the potential injuries of cycling are amplified by the risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Orthopedic traumas caused by cycling can include knee pain around the outer knee and kneecap from overuse. Neck and back pain can occur from riding in the same position for too long, and wrist and forearm injuries may happen, causing “cyclist’s palsy” and carpal tunnel syndrome from wrist overuse. Cyclists can avoid head injuries by wearing a helmet and ensuring they pick a safe bike route away from heavy traffic. 

Avoiding Summer Orthopedic Injuries 

Many of the injuries from summer sports and activities can be avoided by listening to your body to prevent overusing certain muscles. Communicate with your coach if something doesn’t feel right and don’t train through an injury. Make sure you’re using the proper technique whether you’re diving in, grabbing your racquet or cycling the open road. 

If you have an orthopedic injury that hasn’t resolved or has gotten worse, contact Cohen Orthopedic in Columbus and Chillicothe, Ohio, today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Cohen.

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