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Bad Habits for Joints

Bad Habits for Joints

Have you ever put your feet up on the dash when riding passenger? Do you smoke regularly? Do you have an inactive lifestyle? Among many other activities, these are three on the “Bad Habits for Your Joints” list. Here is the breakdown.

Smoking. While there are several reasons to give up cigarettes, your joints are one. The nicotine will narrow blood vessels and restrict the amount of oxygen that reach your joint cartilage. Ultimately, losing cartilage. In addition, smoking increases the likelihood of acquiring osteoporosis.

Physically Inactive Lifestyle. This type of lifestyle makes it hard for us to maintain a healthy weight. Knees are vulnerable to extra weight. According to AARP, those who are obese and with body mass index of 30 or higher, were about three to five times as likely to get knee osteoarthritis.

Riding Passenger with your Feet up on the Dash. Airbag deployment can force a person’s legs backward toward their face at a speed of over 100mph, breaking legs, pelvises, noses, foreheads and even jawbones. The sudden release may push a passenger’s feet up through the roof or even, the windshield.

Carrying a Heavy Load. Carrying objects that are too heavy can cause an imbalance throughout your body. These imbalances can cause stress on your joints, which will break down your cartilage over time. When picking up an object use the palms of both hands or use your arms instead of your hands. Also, hold items close to your body.

Eating Pro-Inflammatory Foods. Food such as red meat, sugar, French fries, sodas, and donuts can worsen joint pain. If you are experiencing joint pain, eating foods like olive oil, berries, fish and leafy greens can be helpful.

Texting. And other repetitive activities can cause inflammation of the joints which can lead to pain and stiffness. To avoid joint pain, take breaks and consider relying on talk-to-text now that that’s an option.

Wearing Shoes with Poor Support. Improperly fitted shoes put your feet and ankles at risk for joint pain by causing you to change the way you walk. This can also have an impact on your knees and hips. Wear insoles to help properly align your feet.

Not Getting Enough Sleep. Nowadays it’s easy to not get enough sleep. But, it can catch up with you. Sleep deprivation can cause achy, painful joints. And coincidently, painful joints can cause sleep deprivation.

Ignoring your Joints. Lastly, listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to get help. Delaying joint care can lead to injury and even more problems. For patients who have joint pain or mobility issues, it’s important to stay current with joint health. Ignoring the pain can cause an increase in pain or mobility pain.

Contact Dr. Brian Cohen, Orthopedic Surgeon to start managing your joints. It’s only a few months until spring, let’s get you ready! Call 614-788-0375 to schedule an appointment.

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