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AP Prep Athlete Drew Ervin

AP Prep Athlete Drew Ervin

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Except for when it comes to Drew Ervin. Drew is wise beyond his years, but with AP Prep has made many connections to help guide him to where he is today. And today, he is looking out for the youth of our community. Drew has a passion for nutrition, training and building a solid foundation for young athletes. Drew said, “If there was one thing I could’ve changed in high school, it was to eat better and stay away from the big macs.”

Drew wishes he would’ve been more conscious of his health and what he ate. He was 21 years old when he fully dialed in to his nutrition. At AP Prep, Drew is known as the “food guy.” He has developed his own regimen to help others as well as himself. He’s proud to have reduced his own body fat down to 4.3%. Impressively, Drew also has completed the nurse practitioner program at Walden University and will be taking his board certification very soon.

Drew attended Jackson High School and while there it was eat, sleep, football, and repeat. As for training, “he did his own thing.” However, his best friend, Austin Osborne, quarterback for Drew’s rival team, trained with the owner of AP Prep, Jason Prater. While senior year was approaching, the goal of being recruited by a division I or II football team was so close, he could taste it. And I’m sure it was tastier than the big macs.

Austin ended up joining Drew at Jackson High School their senior year and at that point, Drew started “buying into Jason’s plan.” Drew expressed, “I didn’t have the wisdom that Jason had. Once I bought into his system it completely changed my life.”

That year, Drew was recruited on a full ride scholarship to Lake Erie College, a division II school located in Painesville, Ohio. There he majored in pre-med, and again, ate, slept, and played football. However, it just wasn’t what he thought it would be and he knew there was more out there for him. The more led him to watching one home football game at Otterbein University, a division III college, and joining their program. He switched his major to nursing and later became a nurse practitioner.

Drew prides himself on being a performance coach at AP Prep. He said, “Coaching is missing the competitiveness and it’s crucial to have the type of guys I’m surrounded by. I view coaching the same way I tried to earn that division I scholarship.” Drew’s coaching style is high energy – surrounded by ambitious people that are still trying to accomplish the same goal he once had.

Outside of coaching, Drew is the school nurse at Paint Valley Schools in Bainbridge, Ohio. Since he majored in family medicine, he really enjoys seeing students of all ages for various conditions from a stomachache to a sprained ankle.

Before transitioning into the school nurse position, Drew was an orthopedic floor nurse. During his time on the floor, he was able to meet Dr. Brian Cohen. “He’s a very inspiring guy. I know his work ethic and I’ve seen the number of surgeries and the work that he puts in.”

Being able to see the full spectrum of care from the hospital to AP Prep helped Drew really define what he wanted to do with his career. The school nurse hours gave Drew a better opportunity to full fill his dream of coaching.

Drew trains athletes of all ages – some who are just trying to be healthy and some striving for a scholarship. Recently, the Paint Valley High School football team started attending AP Prep once a week. Drew hopes to be able to provide transportation from the school to the gym in the future.

The team welcomes all schools, athletes, and anyone looking to get healthy. To join AP Prep, or the “family” as Drew put it, you can visit and sign up for an assessment. To schedule an appointment with Cohen Orthopedic, visit

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